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Protect Deebing Creek sacred grounds

The ancestral sacred lands at the former Deebing Creek Mission, QLD, are under attack from the heavy machinery of urban developers tearing down Aboriginal Heritage and archaeological site, including burials.

The Traditional Owners, Sovereign Originals and historical descendants of Deebing Creek have been trying for five decades to have their ancestral and historical heritage site given back to them to protect it from urban encroachment, through legal and legislative procedures, as well as through public and media outreach, rallies and direct action including the continuous occupation of their ancestral grounds. But the actual system of colonialist legislation dealing with Aboriginal Heritage does not recognise their Sovereignty nor their Land Rights and has been allowing an ongoing unacceptable desecration of many Indigenous sacred sites, by allowing urban developments, mining or fracking on Native lands destroying ages-old sacred heritage in total impunity. Time has come for the true history that has been hidden for too long to be told and for fundamental changes to take place in the way the colonialist and corporate institutions are held accountable in their dealings with the Sovereign Original First Nations and Peoples. Truth is paramount to have justice, and justice is necessary to have reconciliation, which is a basic condition to peace.


  • Stop the destruction of the grounds at Deebing Creek.

  • Give back the former Mission to the Traditional Owners.

  • Official protection status for perpetuity for the grounds.

  • Acknowledgement of burial grounds and massacre sites.

  • Let the Sovereign Originals manage the cultural site.


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